What Occupations Are At Risk to Asbestos Related Diseases?

danger asbestos removal worker sample

I don’t really understand the asbestos material and any diseases related to it, but after I read asbestos news and the effect of it to the human life, then I understand asbestos is so dangerous, even it’s very dangerous, everyone should know about it. First, Mindscape will try to discuss on how to avoid asbestos by knowing the occupations.

So what occupations are at risk to asbestos related diseases?

danger asbestos removal worker sample

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Asbestos related diseases (pleural mesothelioma, asbestosis, maglinant mesothelioma) occur because of asbestos exposure. The victims inhaled the hazardous fibers and mostly the victims are not realize or aware of their medical condition. It happens because although the asbestos is damaging their bodies, it can take decades before the symptoms of the diseases become apparent.

Basically, everyone has been exposed to asbestos, but the level of asbestos in the water, air, and soil is quite low. But for someone who works in mining, industrial, shipping or manufacture, the exposure is quite high. People who are exposed to asbestos fibers on a prolonged, regular, or substantial basis will have a higher possibility to suffer from asbestos related diseases.

The prime candidates for acquiring asbestos related disease are those people who are employed by companies that mill asbestos, mine the raw material, or use, remove, or manufacture products that contain asbestos. People who had had secondary exposure to asbestos can also become victims. Many family members of asbestos workers have already succumbed to these diseases. It is because asbestos fibers are stick and were brought home on the workers clothes.

Workers’ families were put at risk because the workers went home covered with asbestos dust. It was in their hair, on their clothes, and on their skin. They inevitably breathed in the dust they brought home with them every day from work. For information, secondary exposure doesn’t end there. In addition to workers families, the general population that live around facilities such as factories, power plants, refineries, vermiculite mines, shipyards, and steel mills are exposed to the asbestos that is released into the soil, water, and air around these sites.

Many people believe that United States that have banned the use of asbestos in any products manufactured here, but this is not always the case because asbestos is still heavily used in construction materials. At least more than 60% of the asbestos products that are manufactured are used in the construction industry.

In conclusion, the construction workers are still at great risk, as is anyone who is involved in the renovation, repair, maintenance, or removal of asbestos that was installed decades ago. Unless safety standards are followed, the risk can be quite considerable – and even life threatening. The diseases have happened to people after only after they were briefly exposed to asbestos.

You know it’s the best time to choose your occupation carefully…. Good luck!

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