Hello. I am Abbey and you have landed on my mindscape.net.au blog. Welcome!

I grew up in Lohra. At the University I studied foreign languages. I am now working in the marketing sector in my hometown.

Perhaps it is the two countries that have been stuck in my heart since I was born, that I am very interested in other cultures and ways of life. And as you know, the best way to get to know each other is to travel.

How did this blog come about?

For me, I always wanted to make small albums of my travels and to stock them with photos, tickets and all sorts of other presents. But since I never found the right album, my pictures were only in folders on my PC – and my memories were in them.

Then I had the idea to capture these pictures with my memories simply in a blog

Since 2015, I have been reporting on my travels, experiences and impressions for you and for me. I’ll give you travel tips and write here if I do not like something.

Special interests of mine are culture, nature, hiking, wellness, wine and enjoyment.

Therefore, I like to visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the cultural capitals of Europe.

I am glad that you found the way to my blog, even more, I am glad about comments. If you have any inquiries, just write me.

Sunny greetings,
Abbey Maughan