What Occupations Are At Risk to Asbestos Related Diseases?

I don’t really understand the asbestos material and any diseases related to it, but after I read asbestos news and the effect of it to the human life, then I understand asbestos is so dangerous, even it’s very dangerous, everyone should know about it. First, Mindscape will try to discuss on how to avoid asbestos by knowing the occupations.

So what occupations are at risk to asbestos related diseases?

danger asbestos removal worker sample

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Asbestos related diseases (pleural mesothelioma, asbestosis, maglinant mesothelioma) occur because of asbestos exposure. The victims inhaled the hazardous fibers and mostly the victims are not realize or aware of their medical condition. It happens because although the asbestos is damaging their bodies, it can take decades before the symptoms of the diseases become apparent.
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